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Championing Inbound Marketing: 4 Lessons from Organizational Change Agents

Posted by Tim Anderson

Oct 2, 2017 8:19:00 AM

Unlike the traditional marketplace, modern corporations cannot survive on brand and historical relevancy alone. In fact, research from Innosight estimates that 75% of today’s corporations on the S&P 500 index will be replaced by 2027.

You must constantly fight complacency to change the status quo. 

Which forces marketers to answer a vital question. Should you continue traditional marketing efforts to face inevitable irrelevancy? Or, should you adapt and align your technology, talent and strategy to effectively reach consumers in this shifting marketplace? 

This changing landscape can be intimidating and overwhelming, but the decision to go digital and embrace inbound is clear. 

Learn from organizational change agents who challenged their businesses to think differently and are seeing the return.

At the latest Cleveland HubSpot User Group (HUG) event, PR 20/20 founder and CEO Paul Roetzer (@paulroetzer) led a panel of inbound marketing champions who discussed their role as organizational change agents. Panel members featured include:

  • Jorge Solorio (@JorgeLubrizol), the Americas Industrial Business Manager at Lubrizol.
  • Chris Schmitt (@ChrisSchmittEsq), the Global Marketing Director at Pentair (formerly ERICO).
  • Evan Dean (@InBoundEvan), a Principal Channel Consultant at HubSpot, who works with organizations to activate the HubSpot platform and helps advocates prove the value of inbound marketing. 

Read on to learn four key insights from these business leaders, all of who made a case and won company-wide support for inbound marketing implementation.

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30+ Free Resources for Quick Marketing Wins

Posted by Shannen Laur

Mar 31, 2016 8:46:16 AM

This post originally appeared on the PR 20/20 blog

You know the drill. As marketers, we are forever pressed for creative, performance-driven ideas. In the era of fast-paced, connected consumers, we must constantly evolve to prove our marketing success. And, we must do it quickly. 

In a recent blog post, Paul Roetzer articulates the challenge: 

“There have never been more choices for marketers. There has never been more noise. There has never been more demand for performance.” 

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Building a Performance-Driven, Unified Team: How to Align Sales and Marketing

Posted by Kate McFadden

May 15, 2015 4:13:41 PM

If you were in the market for a camera in 1995, disruptive (or traditional) advertising and marketing might have inspired you to make a new purchase. Today, however, the buyer’s journey has changed drastically—no longer a linear path—we utilize multiple touch points and resources that influence our final purchasing decision.

Circa ’95, you might have asked a few friends or family members for camera recommendations, but a majority of your research and comparison of products was done in-store. Without the internet, social media and a plethora of product review and comparison sites at your disposal, you would have relied heavily on the information given to you at a local specialty shop by a qualified sales representative. 

The New Moment of Truth 

According to Google, your first Zero Moment of Truth (pictured below) would have taken place in the store, and the second at home or on vacation while using your new camera. If you enjoyed your experience, you’d likely be a repeat customer.

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