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Evolution of the Prototype Marketer

Posted by Sam Brenner

Jun 7, 2013 11:01:00 PM

slide-1-638Last week, a number of marketing professionals gathered at Flannery's Pub in downtown Cleveland to discuss the impact of digital marketing on the industry, and the evolving skillsets and requirements needed from modern marketing professionals—in both corporations and agencies. 

Cleveland’s HubSpot User Group (HUG) welcomed special HubSpot guest Sarah Bedrick (@sbedrick). Sarah is an inbound marketing professor and part of the HubSpot Academy team, training customers through webinars and one-on-one sessions to help them become inbound marketing experts in their industries. 

Below, we highlight three of the topics covered during the evening’s presention and discussion, facilitated by PR 20/20 Senior Consultants Dia Dalsky (@DiaDalsky) and Tracy Lewis (@Tracy_J_Lewis).

Catalysts For Change

  1. Change Velocity—Shifts in buyer behavior, business processes, technology, and marketing philosophies have had a major impact on the essential compentencies and traits of prototype marketers. Change velocity demands that marketing and IT professionals work more closely together, aligning their knowledge and processes to reach common goals. 
  2. Selective Consumption—Consumers in both B2B and B2C markets are no longer tuned into traditional, interruption-based, outbound marketing methods. Because of this change in the way consumers are accessing information and interacting with companies, marketers must adapt and execute integrated, inbound marketing campaigns. 
  3. Success Factors—We define success factors as key performance indicators (KPIs) or measurable metrics. It is expected that all marketers be accountable for campaign performance, specifically ROI and conversion rates. Our job as marketers is to produce results that impact the bottom line.

How To Attract Top Talent

Hybrid marketers are the key to fueling growth and building an innovative agency; but there is a talent gap. Marketing departments and agencies are struggling to keep their training programs relevant in a market that changes so rapidly. Below are a few tips we discussed on how to attract top talent:

  1. Find the gaps within your team. Evaluate your team's current strengths, and weaknesses, based on characteristics and skills you deem to be essential. Once you find the gaps within your team, you can start to look for talent that will fill those gaps. 
  2. Hire A-Players with potential. Hybrid A-Players are those professionals who exhibit plenty of potential while wearing many hats: analyst, creative, listener, team player and writer. 
  3. Start with brand and culture. Our culture at PR 20/20 is something we hold very near and dear to us. It is the lifeblood of our agency. When you are looking for A-players to fill the gaps, make sure they align with your unique brand and culture.  

How To Advance Your Team 

  1. Create an internal education program. There is a wealth of free, and paid, resources out there that can help you create and maintain an education program that will foster an increase in knowledge for your team members. 
  2. Maintain a recommended reading list. One of the best ways to keep skills sharp, discover new tactics and enhance your knowledge of the world is through reading. We also happen to think that a healthy appetite for reading will make you a better writer. 
  3. Attend priority conferences. The team at PR 20/20 attends a variety of premiere marketing conferences throughout the year, including the Inbound Conference, SXSW and Content Marketing World.

See below for the full event presentation. 

To learn more about the rapidly expanding marketing talent gap, the catalysts for transformation, and what it takes for you, and your organization to compete in the modern marketing era, download Evolution of the Prototype Marketer: The Hybrids Are Coming.

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